Scheduling Policy

The following is the scheduling policy as stated in the approved NMSU Flight Operations Department Policy Manual.

Flight Scheduling

All flights utilizing University Flight Operations aircraft, will be scheduled with the flight operations office, and except as noted below, on a first come, first serve basis.

All flights must be directly related to State business. Passengers must be State employees or guests of the State involved in State business or a family member travelling with a State employee on State business. Family members travelling with employees will do so space available.

University aircraft should only be used when State business can be best served after consideration of all the factors related to travel, such as:  Per diem, mileage, productivity of the individual(s), travel time, airline schedules and costs, other official commitments and obligations which may conflict, and number of people travelling.

Every effort shall be made to combine flights and accommodate the travel needs of as many passengers as possible to spread the costs as efficiently as possible.

Flights may be scheduled tentatively in order to give first right of refusal to the initial scheduler, should someone else call and request the same date.

While all reservations for the use of the aircraft are taken first come-first served, it is recognized that the nature of some flights may require a higher priority than others. In the event of conflicting flight requests, the first consideration will be to try to accommodate both flights, however, if that is not possible the following procedure will be used to prioritize flights when necessary.

1) Scheduling conflicts or requests for prioritization which cannot be resolved by the Director of Flight Operations, will be prioritized by the first available person from the following list:

A. President’s Chief of Staff

B. Executive Vice President and Provost

C. President

2) If time is a critical factor, and none of the above are available for a decision, the Director of Flight Operations will make the decision as to who has scheduling priority.