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Reservations and Information

Picture of vintage flight posterTo reserve the aircraft email University Flight Operations at or call (575) 527-UFLY (8359). Reservations should be requested by email. Reservations are confirmed by an email reply from the flight department and subject to the scheduling policies found in the University Flight Operations Procedures Manual.

Please include the following items in your reservation request:

  • Date
  • Destination
  • Time of departure OR time you need to arrive at destination (Flight Dept will advise departure time). Departure time will be the time the aircraft leaves the departure gate. Plan to be at the terminal 5 to 10 minutes prior to departure time.
  • Number of passengers
  • Estimated time of return
  • Purpose of trip
  • Index number(s) for billing
  • Special requests
  • Contact info of person making the reservation

All flights must be directly related to the business of NMSU or other authorized governmental entities. Other governmental users shall reimburse NMSU for aviation services in a form acceptable for the interagency transfer of funds within the State of New Mexico.

Boarding Information

Plan to arrive at the terminal 5 to 10 minutes prior to the departure time published on the email confirmation. Hazardous Materials as defined by the DOT are not allowed on the aircraft. Flammable liquids in any quantity are not allowed on the aircraft. No weapons of any kind are allowed on the aircraft.