University Flight Operations

Image of King Air Airplane

King Air E-90

NMSU’s King Air E-90 was purchased with gift funds in 2006. Flown by our airline transport pilot licensed flight crews, this professional level aircraft accommodates 7 passengers in pressurized comfort at speeds up to 300 miles per hour. The use of this aircraft has dramatically reduced non-productive travel time for university employees. For the period 2006 through 2009, ‘salary paid for non-productive travel time’ was reduced by approximately $800,000, with aircraft operating costs being a fraction of that amount.

King Air Costs per Flight Hour

A billable flight hour is defined as ‘engine start to engine shutdown’. The rate per flight hour is $756+fuel. Fuel is passed along at the market price of the day. Example: Round trip cost between Las Cruces and Santa Fe with 6 passengers is approximately $420 per seat based on today’s hourly rate and fuel price.

Other Fees and Minimums Applicable to All Aircraft

  • Standby – $20 per hour (normally waved)
  • Flight Crew Expenses – Actual (meals, hotel, etc.)
  • Special fees/costs unique to flight – Actual (landing fees, parking fees, other special costs. These fees are rarely applicable)
  • Minimum Daily Usage – 2 hours per day after 48 hours away from home base